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Connecting with Businesses Globally

Unarix Global LLC was Established in March 2016 as a Limited Liability Company under Texas Laws.


We Specialize in Sourcing & Distribution of Products Globally Representing well over 750 Manufacturers. 


Unarix is your Partner in Sourcing, Procurement, Inventory, Logistics and After Sales Assistance.

We Simplify the Whole Supply Chain Process - RFQ thru Delivery.

Management has well over 25 Years of Experience. Our most important Business Objective has always been Customer Satisfaction. Staff at Unarix are Reliable, Knowledgeable and Dedicated to meet the needs of our Clients. 

Why Us ?

Single Source Wholesale Powerhouse

Top Quality Products

On Time Delivery

Competitive Pricing

Customer Oriented - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Strategic Alliances / Partnerships with Suppliers - Manufacturers

Logistics / Shipping - Partnerships with Key Providers delivering within the USA, Globally

Stringent Documentation Management





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